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A facility for converting latitude/longitude co-ordinates to co-ordinates in metres on a Transverse Mercator projection. An Excel Workbook is also available on this page to carry out bulk conversions.

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TM_LL Excel Workbook:

An Excel Workbook (for Excel 97 or later) is available for converting between Latitude / Longitude co-ordinates and metric Easting / Northing on a Transverse Mercator Projection. This Workbook contains ready-made Functions which perform these calculations. The Workbook is set up with example Worksheets which demonstrate the use of these Functions and which can be easily modified using standard Excel operations to suit your needs. For example, you can enter your lat/long or easting/northing or grid reference data in columns on a worksheet and use the supplied Functions to automatically create columns containing the converted data.

For the UTM Grid and the National Grids of Britain, Ireland, Finland, Italy and Sweden, it will:

For the UTM Grid and the National Grids of Britain and Ireland, it will: The cost of this Workbook is £15 and it can be obtained by paying for it by Debit Card or Credit Card on the NetBanx Secure Server:
At NetBanx, the following selection should be made to pay the appropriate amount:
'Additional Map £15'
NOTE that there is at present no specific item for the TM_LL Workbook at NetBanx, so you must be careful to select 'Additional Map' from the drop-down list to pay just £15.
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If you have any problem with paying via NetBanx, or if you have any questions about the Workbook, please get in contact with Alan Morton by E-Mail:

When you have paid for this Workbook, it will be sent to you promptly as an email attachment.

Equations and Source Code:

If you are interested in the equations involved in converting between geographic co-ordinates (latitude/longitude) and various projections, including Transverse Mercator, the following site is recommended: Program source code is available for converting geographic co-ordinates (latitude/longitude) to metric co-ordinates and vice versa on a Transverse Mercator projection (Including the UTM, British, Irish, Swedish, Italian and Finnish grids). The source code is currently available in Pascal and Visual Basic, and a reasonable charge is made for supplying the source code. For further information, contact:

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